Website is offline

Since no update yet from Developer of Season 8 It will temporary shutdown our Season 8 Server. All active account will be freeze.

And we are now finished also the Account Maintenance from 1,693 Total Accounts after System Check and now there are 431 Active account remaining all inactive account are permanently deleted.

For the meantime all season 8 active account will be freeze. Also as player request we have now our Season 6 Ep.3 Server Z-MuOnline Season 6. Ep.3 Server. All active account of your season 8 are now ready to copy to season 6 server. If your account is not on the lists of deleted account. Just pm me to transfer or make a copy to season 6 server.

Season 6 Ep.3 Server Information 
X5000 Exp
50% Drop
Master Level: 200
Reset: 400(via NPC in Loren bar Chaos Card Master)
Grand Reset: 50 = 50K Gold Points
Webshop: Socketed Items are now available
Arena Stadium Spots


Not included in transfer All Season 8 Items, Wings, MasterLevel, Skill Points, Gold and Cash. 

Sorry for inconvience,